Previvo Genetics provides a new choice for women and couples planning families; with the patent-pending technology it will make pre-implantation genetic diagnosis (PGD) an affordable, safe and effective option for couples at high risk for genetic disease who want to be proactive in assuring a healthier genetic profile for their children.

“We’re a medical device start-up that’s building from the ground up. Initial Design helped us from day one with many of our challenges, ranging from patent illustrations to naming our company, all while understanding our need to reach investors, consumers and the medical community.”

- Moses Cesario, CEO, Previvo Genetics
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Creative Growth at Work

Moved Concept to Patent Exceeded Series A Funding First

Initial Design has worked with Previvo from its early inception and has been a critical component in the company’s progress through numerous milestones from patent applications to first in human trials. Additionally, ID and Previvo have worked to established a strong brand foundation for the eventual entry in the growing minimally invasive genetic testing market.