Soderholm Custom Builders have a family tradition of building fine custom homes and large-scale renovation projects. The business is lead by a dedicated and skilled father and son team, Ken and Sam Soderholm. Over the past 30 years the business has evolved, however their foundation and guiding principles have remained strong: integrity, meticulous commitment to quality, service and dependability.

“Family business is unique and the Initial Design team understands our, varying viewpoints, concerns and growth plans. Working together we have been able to take our business to the next level.”

- Ken & Sam Soderholm, Soderhom Custom Builders

Key initiatives include:

Measurable Impact

Transitioned Family Business Targeted Market for Growth Expanded into New Markets

Since it started working with ID, Soderholm Custom Builders has transitioned their brand from a local home remodeler to world class custom home builders. Soderholm and ID worked together to target new markets of growth, including new geographical markets in New England and are currently working to develop a maintenance division to cater to the growing demand from their discerning client base.