Paul Wilke, Founder of Upright Position Communications, had carved out a strong niche as public relations IPO specialists representing some of the hottest names in Silicon Valley, however his growing agency did so much more than IPO work. The problem? His brand didn’t reflect UPC’s range of services, it’s small agency responsiveness and approach, nor the depth of its expertise and capabilities. To better reflect the agency, he needed a strategic business partner to rework and update his brand, develop a convincing corporate narrative, and give him the look, feel and tools to accelerate growth.

“Today, we’re getting better quality potential customers and the right leads are coming through. What’s most impressive, though, is that the time to close prospects is much quicker because we’re communicating our value and differentiators better and the potential client gains confidence in us much faster. We have more clients than before, and business is as busy as it’s ever been.”

- Paul Wilke, Founder & CEO

Key initiatives include:

Measurable Impact

Rebrand as the IPO Specialists Solidified Market Position Charted Path to Expansion

“ID helped us create a new category for our business and better positioning, which isn’t easy to do in a space like public relations, where it’s hard to articulate differentiation. I’ve referred Initial Design many times and will continue to do so. They have the ability to breathe fresh air into your business to give you a competitive advantage.” - Paul Wilke, Founder & CEO