In many parts of the world, a woman to walk into a store and buy a pack of birth control pills over-the-counter?  The founders of Cadence Health asked: “So why can’t we do the same here in the U.S.”?  As part of their commitment to #liberatethepill, Cadence Health is on a mission to move women’s birth control Pill over-the-counter and make the pill safe, affordable and accessible to all.

The Cadence Health team of internationally renowned reproductive health experts and pharma entrepreneurs had a bold plan to revolutionize the way the Pill is sold. They turned to ID to help them bring their vision to life.

“ID has a straight-to-the-point focus on what matters most and what’s valuable. Their team had really great ideas for how to present our company to both investors and potential end-users. That’s a great approach for startups. I will definitely continue to partner with ID on Cadence Health and future ventures. ”

- Samantha Miller, Co–founder and Chief Operating Officer

Key initiatives include:

Measurable Impact

Prepped for Series A Funding Built Corporate Brand Branded a Social Movement

During our first meeting, Cadence Health told us when we see an OTC birth control method eventually on the shelves, it will be their name behind the product. Currently, they are looking to partner with the right impact focused capital team to close a Series A round of funding. Additionally, they will be launching an Indiegogo campaign to raise awareness and grassroots funding. When they need a marketing team moving forward, to ramp up their go-to-market activities and the consumer-targeted extension of their brand, they know they have a strategic partner to turn to.