Data security is not simply a matter of installing a new piece of software, but understanding and addressing the threats that are unique to your organization. In that same manner, Initial Design Group delved deep to identify Towerwall’s unique strengths and positioned the Company as a thought-leader and better positioned to attract their ideal client.

“They came highly recommended and I see why. My first words to them - take the ball and run with it… did they ever. ID identified what makes us different and has given us the tools to compete; streaming our sales and marketing efforts.”

- Michelle Drolet, CEO & Co-Founder, Towerwall

Key initiatives include:

Measurable Impact

Position as Thought Leader Roll Out of New Services Impacted Bottom Line

Since it started working with Initial Design, Towerwall has positioned itself as a thought leader in the world of data security. ID assisted Towerwall on a number of branded information sharing applications, including: regional conferences, special events, webinars and eBook distributions. These efforts have increased Towerwall’s visibility and positioned them as the go-to data security partner for small and medium sized businesses.