With 5 hospitals in a five mile radius of their Boston headquarters, The Center for Reproduction and Infertility at Tufts Medical Center is located in one of the most competitive markets for Reproductive Services.

The team at Tufts realized they needed to be proactive to attract new patients to their practice and cater to their fast paced, on-the-go lifestyle. A new revamped website was in order.

To start, Initial Design and the team at Tufts took a look at the data and analytics from their existing website to understand user behavior. What we found was that users were interested in information on the doctors, why Tufts was the right choice and booking an appointment. There was also an increasing number of mobile visitors to the website.

Once we knew what site visitors were reading and how they were accessing it, we could design a site to improve that experience. The result is a mobile friendly, high targeted user experience. Areas of high traffic were brought to the front; information that was once overlooked was introduced in a new way. Patients can now make an appointment from their mobile phone and access key information faster and easier.

Looking forward, Tufts has a versatile tool to help them grow their patient base while continuing to provide them best-in-class service.

“Initial Design is the perfect partner for us. We operate in a high competitive market where we need to be proactive in our marketing and branding efforts. Our partnership has continued to result in success.”
– John E. Buster, M.D., Associate Director





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