Previvo on the Move

From Embryonic Idea to Market

Over 30 years ago, the founder of Previvo Genetics, Dr. John Buster, was progressively developing a revolutionary technology with the potential to end the transmission of genetic disease from parent-to-child. Heady, groundbreaking stuff. A world-renowned pioneer in the field of reproductive medicine, Dr. Buster began building Previvo Genetics around his new uterine lavage method for use in genetic disease screening.

Fast-forward to 2014. Today, Previvo Genetics is realizing Dr. Buster’s vision. With the marketing support and strategic counsel of Initial Design Group (ID), Previvo Genetics has gained acceptance in domestic and international markets, secured funding and high-profile media coverage, attracted notice from the medical community and expanded its staff.

Birth of a Company

Previvo has achieved a great deal recently. Select milestones include securing C Round funding and announcing a second round of human testing on its method that will enable Pre-Implantation Genetic Screening and Diagnosis (PGS/PGD), without undergoing In-Vitro Fertilization (IVF). Previvo also recently expanded its staff to now number 15. [perhaps BRIEFLY mention some key roles the new staff with fill or initiatives they’ll support]

Getting Noticed

The flurry of activity at Previvo, and its groundbreaking method, have not gone unnoticed by the public, medical community and media. Recently, Redbook Magazine, Yahoo Finance and MarketWire published stories on Previvo and the potential of its method to end, or significantly diminish, the transmission of disease genetically. The media coverage sparked public interest in Previvo. The medical community has also recognized Previvo. In October, Previvo Genetics was invited to present on its uterine lavage method at the prestigious 70th Annual Meeting of the American Society for Reproductive Medicine (ASRM).

Helping Previvo Grow Up

Initial Design Group (ID) is a proud contributor to the impressive achievements to date of Previvo Genetics. Through its fractional marketing model, ID embedded a seasoned marketing professional on staff with Previvo early on to provide full-time strategic marketing guidance. The work done by ID helped define and shape the public image of Previvo and its revolutionary method. ID understood the various audiences of import to Previvo – from investors to medical professionals and consumers – and developed strategy, messaging and a compelling story told via concise educational vehicles like fact sheets, press releases and more.

Previvo Genetics is thriving and getting closer every day to bringing its method to market to help parents bring healthy, disease-free babies into the world. Previvo’s future is bright, and has the potential to make those of parents, families and their offspring brighter – and healthier – as well. Initial Design Group is honored to contribute to Previvo’s noble mission and continued success.

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