We’re not an agency;

we are an integrated brand & business development partner. We are committed to helping early-stage & emerging brands benefit from the direct relationship between strategic marketing & growth.

Our Team

Mark Canegallo Partner & Director of Brand Strategy

“I work with people and brands to create connections through shared purpose.”

As Partner & Director of Brand Strategy, Mark plays a lead role in business strategy and brand development. He collaborates with organizations and new ventures to set a vision for how their brand will look, sound and act. Clients also partner with Mark to better communicate their business values and competitive advantage to position themselves for growth.

Mark has worked on hundreds of campaigns across a wide array of industries. Over the last fifteen years, he has helped entrepreneurs launch companies, bring products to market, rebrand and position organizations to maximize growth.

Mark mentors high school and college students interested in careers in the creative economy. He also provides pro bono consulting and design services to a number of local and national education nonprofits.

What We Believe

We believe in something we call “Creative Growth.”

If we were stuck in an elevator together, the first thing you’d hear about is Creative Growth — our core principle that empowers us think about your business differently.

Creative Growth is how we take you through the stages of launching a product, defining an audience and moving your business forward in an entirely new way. It’s the driver of what we do and it’s all about helping you make a deeper connection with your customers – here, there, and everywhere they’re engaging with your brand.

See how we have put Creative Growth to work for our clients.